Green Key Resources

Mar 09, 2024
Full time
$90,000 - $105,000 yearly
Green Key Resources New York, NY, USA
*Responsibilities Include:* * Develops and updates the individualized care plan based on a comprehensive assessment of members in consultation with the member and family/caregiver and the assessment nurse * Implements the care plan and authorizes/arranges for delivery of covered services consistent with the care plan * Conducts ongoing communication and collaboration with a member, family caregiver, or member's designated representative, as well as with member's PCP and other significant health care providers * Monitors provision of services by network providers to ensure they are appropriate and in accordance with the member's care plan * Conducts ongoing monitoring of member's health, safety, and functional status, and progress toward established goals * Provides coordination of care transitions, including discharge and transition planning from the hospital or nursing homes * Determines member eligibility for the company's program and quality initiatives; Facilitates the...